Palmer Platinum Poodles

Our Past and Present Standard Poodle Puppies

Litter Announcement: Parti's and Solid's Available!!! Email for more Info. and Pics.....
We feed only high quality diets individually tailored to each dog's needs.
All pups and dogs are raised in a Ranch/Rural environment with lots of daily interaction with our family and horses.

Pups begin their grooming at an early age to ensure a lifelong enjoyment of this activity.

Our Standard Poodle Puppies are available in occasionally (blue or silver) color and are imprinted from birth with love. 
Our Puppies are wonderful companions and of course ---years of total commitment to our loving Standard Poodles--- every single pup that leaves here,  takes a piece of my heart with them.

Pedigrees available with all Standard Poodle dogs.
Most pups are sold with limited registration.
-this is a 'no' breeding clause that applies-

 Pictures of some of our past and present pups!!


--Most colors available--
pet or show quality
--just ask--
"I have been Breeding Standards for 15 years"

Palmer Platinum Poodles

Robin Mason
Northern, NV